23 August 2014
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Houston ~ 22/8

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23 August 2014
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23 August 2014
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Question time!

Always post the rules
. Answer all the questions the person who tagged you asked and then write 10 new ones
. Tag 10 people and link them to the post.
 Actually tell them you tagged them.

I was tagged by the-hidden-side-in-me

1. Which character, from any book or movie, do you think you would be as a fictional character?

This is hard. Um… I actually have no idea.

2. Favorite tv show?

Teen wolf!

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I hate the sound of chip bags opening

3. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My 5sos shirt I bought at my wwa concert and shorts, I guess. 

4. Who is the one person you can tell everything in the world to?

My one direction posters.

5. Would you rather swear in front of your parents or have shitty wifi for a year?

Well I always have bad wifi so I’ll go with that.

6. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever gotten?

Um well once I fell and the bridge of my nose slammed into the edge of a stone stair and… it was bad.

7. Best vacation experience?

I really enjoyed my most recent trip to new hampshire. We went hiking a lot.

8. One thing you’ve been trying to do, but never got around to?

I really wanted to learn more songs on my guitar this summer but I haven’t had the time or I was too lazy. 

9. What would be, in your opinion, the coolest thing?

The coolest thing would be to meet either a member of one direction or 5sos.

10. Something that makes you laugh no matter what?

Listening to Louis’ laugh.

Okay now my questions:

1. Someone you miss at the moment?

2. Who emails/texts you the most?

3. Something you’re not looking forward to?

4. Something that you are looking forward to?

5. Last song you listened to?

6. Someone who means a lot to you?

7. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

8. What is a talent that you appreciate you have?

9. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

10. Last book you read?

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22 August 2014
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i know it gets hard and i know people will tell you it’s never gonna happen but please keep in mind that as long as you and your celebrity crush are alive, there’s still a chance of you ending up together.

22 August 2014
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22 August 2014
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5SOS: ermergerd calerm heeeerrrd

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22 August 2014
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One of the reasons why I don’t like the word “famous” …Because then people use it afterwards and they go like, “he used to be famous,” or, “he’s not famous anymore.” And it’s, like, just this weird thing of, like…. Like, I was a guy before, I was the same guy during, and I’m the same guy afterwards. But, like, people think that they can, like, label your life.

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22 August 2014
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"having friends"

22 August 2014
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Calum you’re so handsome blue looks good on you


22 August 2014
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Turin, Italy

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22 August 2014
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zarry → then and now