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this makes me so happy. i believe that you were one of the first people i followed and i remember getting mini heart attacks when i would get notifications from you, like really thanks for being so awesome. xx

Aw this makes me so happy I actually feel important ily

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a friendly reminder that they were in a morning tv show here

why cant i woke up looking like a human??

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ashton thinks he’s cool but in reality he’s just a big kangaroo

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//new aesthetic: pale & permed kylie jenner//

You’re gorgeous, omfg

thank you lovely :3

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do i still look 12?

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"Name your celebrity crush."

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bitch: *makes fun of louis*

me: *forever remembers the url* 

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if niall was sick he’d be so clingy and cuddly and he’d be laying on the couch groaning with his hand on his forehead complaining about how much his head hurts and how his stomach is upset and he’d beg you to come lay with him and snuggle him so you’d lay beside him and he’d make you rub his tummy and give him little kisses all over his face but not on his lips because he doesn’t want you to get sick 

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If One Direction were trekking through some dangerous terrain, Liam would be the guy who walks in front so that if there’s danger, he’s the one to meet it. THIS IS JUST SCIENCE. OF COURSE HE’S FIRST VERSE MAN. IT’S ABOUT VOCALS, SURE, BUT IT’S ALSO ABOUT ATTITUDE. CONFIDENCE. LEADERSHIP. SETTING THE TONE. STRIKING OUT AHEAD AND MAKING A PATH FOR YOUR BOYS.

I weep about FIRST VERSE MAN every day of my life, about how for all that they’ve started selecting and writing songs with all five of their voices in mind, and for all that Liam is always looking to do more and be more involved musically, that hasn’t translated to him pushing for a more obvious showcase for his vocals. IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION, you know that Liam’s voice never quits, when it’s not his verse that mic is still coming up every ten seconds to add a layer here and there. But think about him going for that big FUCK YOU I’M AWESOME note in his X Factor audition, and then think about how in the band those are unquestionably Zayn’s domain, about how the more even distribution of solos over time naturally means Liam had to cede ground, and how obvious it is that not only does he not mind, but that it doesn’t even occur to him to mind. Liam Payne: Wants to DO more and CONTRIBUTE more and GIVE more but doesn’t care about HAVING more or GETTING more. I’m not trying to argue that he’s vocally neglected or whatever, because vocally he’s their foundation, and I’m just in love with how ‘first verse man’ is 100% his even though ‘front man’ isn’t.

Remember when Harry was sick and some people were like WHY DOES LIAM GET ALL HIS PARTS? SHARE THE WEALTH. It’s because if Liam were a theater kid, he’d be the one who sits backstage during the show following along with the script during all the scenes he’s not in. HE’S FIRST VERSE MAN. HE DOESN’T THINK ABOUT IT, HE JUST DOES IT.

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Im gonna need a 5 paragraph essay on why you don’t like one direction with your sources sited and at least one quote with analysis from each member

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